The Never-Ending TBR Pile

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Pathetic Bedroom

I thought I would take pictures of what my poor tiny bedroom looks like... minus the bed and dresser....

I'm sure it will look a lot like many others of you that read my blog!... I have begun to wonder if I will ever read them all (the pictures are of books I have read and my TBR books combined).. or... can we take them with us when we die so we have something to read???? heh..

All the photo's here can be clicked on to read the book titles.... that's because I go crazy if someone shows bookshelves and I can't read the titles!!!!

...and this last bookshelf are my most favorite books, but I will admit I have run out of room here so these are my most favorite "fantasy" books. In now need a place to put my most favorite Gothic Mysteries! ..(lord help me!... and he'd better 'cause no one else is gunna!!!)